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About Us

Rathinam International Public School

Established in a serene environment, Rathinam International Public School stands as an edifice of knowledge that instils 21st-century innovative skills along with education in an atmosphere of collaborative and community-based learning. Our mantra we take along is that “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” We strive to nurture innate abilities and prepare our students as innovative thinkers of the future world. We have meticulously framed our curriculum which provides a holistic approach to learning by enhancing the overall development of children. RPS is one-of-a-kind school that integrates curriculum with emerging technological innovations providing a platform for children to think creatively and critically through smart classes, virtual learning, hands-on activities, Language labs and Innovation & Design Thinking Lab.

We encourage community togetherness to build a strong society which evolves into responsible citizens of the world. It is well known that the primary role of the school is education, but the work does not stop here, as school is the second environment in which the child grows and prepares him for future life. Thus, Rathinam International Public School plays a significant role in every child’s development as it is a chain that fosters improved cognitive skills.

RPS also provides scope for educators to equip themselves with changing educational standards through professional development programs empowering them to augment their pedagogical practices and innovative strategies in the teaching-learning process. Hence, we stride with a vision to promote quality education that suits the need of the hour and create ingenious individuals.

RPS Experience


We educate children with a global perspective. We offer a CBSE syllabus until grade 12.

Atal Tinkering Lab

The Government of India (Niti Aayog) has selected and approved Rathinam International Public School to set up the Atal Tinkering Lab for enhanced Learning and Innovation.

What Differentiates Us?

We strongly believe that teaching is the art of assisting discovery. Here are a few factors that set us apart from the rest.

Child-Friendly Atmosphere

With immense opportunities for your kid’s growth, RPS serves as an ideal place to complete his/her schooling.

Advanced Campus

Rathinam International Public School is located in a pollution-free ambiance surrounded by green fields. It gives a spacious and healthy environment. All safety norms are adhered to in providing transport facilities. A separate playground has been provided for both toddlers and primary and secondary students while all kinds of indoor and outdoor games to ensure regular practice to win all the championships. We ensure active participation in the sports room is used for yoga and other activities in case of inclement weather conditions.

GV Campus

Our Preschool with Day Care at GV Campus is located at GV Residency, Coimbatore, TN with artful spacious facilities. With a focus on evolving our Child-Centered learning practices to convene the best of global standards, the group pioneered the Kiddiecove.


I really worried about the virtual classes and I am literally blank about the learning process of my child. But the teachers of Rathinam wiped all my worries and help students learn by imparting knowledge to them.


Grade 9

Rathinam tops the list when I searched for the best amenities for my children. I and my wife both are working partners and reached Rathinam and matched all of my expectations.

Adithya Dev

Grade 11

Rathinam focuses on the words that are most crucial for success. They also encourage a higher level of competitiveness among students.

Priya Darshini

Grade 11

Rathinam creates a culture of positivity and helps to socialize children. Children get to hone their social skills. Rathinam acts as a podium to build a child’s character and personality.


Grade 9
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