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I really worried about the virtual classes and I am literally blank about the learning process of my child. But the teachers of Rathinam wiped all my worries and help students learn by imparting knowledge to them.


Grade 9

Rathinam tops the list when I searched for the best amenities for my children. I and my wife both are working partners and reached Rathinam and matched all of my expectations.

Adithya Dev

Grade 11

Rathinam focuses on the words that are most crucial for success. They also encourage a higher level of competitiveness among students.

Priya Darshini

Grade 11

Rathinam creates a culture of positivity and helps to socialize children. Children get to hone their social skills. Rathinam acts as a podium to build a child’s character and personality.


Grade 9

It’s only been a few months for us with this school. I started to witness a drastic change in my daughter and was impressed a lot with their support.


Grade 11

Rathinam International public school has been great for my kids. It moulds my kids and I could see my kids were developing a lot physically, educationally and also emotionally.

Sai Rakesh

Grade 11

I would like to thank each and every one and appreciate the efforts of teachers in virtual classes by ensuring the smooth conduct of virtual classes.


Grade 6

Rathinam is what made my son good to better and hopeful for the best coming up. I express my gratitude for the great efforts of the entire school.

Mohammed Arshad

Grade 7

Rathinam is a rich learning environment and develops skills and extracurricular activities. Their hard work reflects in my child’s progression. Thank you to the entire members of the institution.


Grade 5

My experience with RPS is good and very happy that they nurture academic skills. They also give an immense opportunity to participate in all cultural events. I will strongly recommend Rathinam International Public School to all my friends and well-wishers.


Grade 5

Arhan kachroo

Grade 5

The teachers and staff at RPS actually care about and love my children, which is one of my favorite aspects of the school. There is no better place for me to give my children a head start in life than here.



Seeing my two children grow up with RPS makes me proud of my decision and gives me hope that they will grow up to be responsible and humble people.



Rathinam International Public School has a number of excellent teachers who are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also keen observers of each child and communicate effectively with their parents.


Grade 3

Our relationship with RPS began in the year 2019, and I can confidently tell that it has been a fulfilling experience. The school is close to home and has been a blessing for our kids.


Grade 5

For the past four years, both of our children have been studying at RPS. The school has the best facilities among all the international schools in Coimbatore with a clean and well-maintained environment.


Grade 3

We found RPS to be a very vibrant school because they adopted numerous projects in their class that attracted us, and their care for each child is amazing.


Grade 2

Rathinam International Public School is one of Coimbatore’s best schools. The teachers and staff are extremely friendly. RPS has provided me with a positive overall experience.



Excellent school, my daughter has been a student at RPS for the past four years, and we are very pleased with the school and her growth. My best wishes go out to the school for their willingness to provide kids with a good social atmosphere.


Grade 3

RPS treats us as partners in making key decisions about our children’s growth, which I enjoy. Every day, our children might learn something new, and it is a joy to watch them pleased when they return home.

Sharvadev Senapathi V.K

Junior K.G

I am quite pleased with the school. My child has made significant progress. The teachers and methods of instruction are incredibly innovative. This is a school that I would strongly recommend.


Grade 3