CBSE Affiliation number: 1930977

Non – Scholastic Activities

RPS offers a wide range of non-scholastic activities, wherein students hone their skills, gain confidence and have fun.

Students can opt for the optional activities with a minimal remittance annually.

Other non-paid activities include dance, keyboard, swimming, skating, karate, and band. 

Students opt for these according to their level and interest and engage themselves in practice and performance during school working hours.

Club Activities

RPS provides various club activities to enhance their knowledge and skills in diverse dimensions.

Clubs offer important life skills that a learner can use for the rest of the life.

The student learns how to be a team player, acquires leadership skills, and can improve communication skills and interpersonal skills.

There are so many ways that clubs can help build a learner into a well-equipped citizen.

Scouts & Guides

Scouts and Guides is a vibrant program that contributes to the development of young minds in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential as responsible citizens.

Many activities are conducted to explore the hidden talent of the members.

RPS Band

Our band troop is one of its kind, which steals the limelight during celebrations and other important functions. It is administrated and trained by professional band masters.