CBSE Affiliation number: 1930977


Marker Space Coimbatore RPS Award

Pranay of Grade 5 has brought laurels to himself and the school through various skating competitions that he has participated in. He won a silver medal in the Coimbatore district-level competition. He was part of the world record forum in Kerala, for 2 hours non-stop skating. He also won a silver medal at Aalayam Welfare Trust Skating Competition. Besides this, he has got a gold medal in roll ball state-level competition. Keerthi Samyuktta of Grade 7 is consistent in academics – she has secured the general proficiency award for the past 7 years. She is a good classical dancer and has participated in many dance programs (outside school) on her own initiative. She is a regular participant in in-school competitions and is also a good athlete. She is also a member of the girl’s handball team. Niranjana Natchiyar of Grade 8 was awarded the Top Notch performer this year. She is the captain of the girl’s handball team. She received the general proficiency award last year and stood second in class this year. She participates in competitions organized by the school. She is also a good athlete. She plays the keyboard enthusiastically and has participated in art and craft competitions out of school