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The cornerstone of our curriculum is the Holistic Development of a child. Equal significance is given in providing children with opportunities to develop on their physical, social and emotional skills along with their cognitive abilities. The curriculum mandates a conducive environment that nurtures confidence, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in children.

Our curriculum has a well-defined structure with child as the focal point and all the activities and learnings are planned maintaining this focus. All children are given equal opportunities to participate in the activities and all learning needs are attended to with the multiple intelligence approach.

The Activity-Based learning engages children constructively while allowing them the freedom of movement and choices. Children are able to explore, experiment, and learn on their own. The subjects’/learning areas are facilitated well in sync with each other. The Theme-Based approach helps us integrate our learning areas that provides children with an enriched learning experience that is enjoyable and stays on with them throughout their lives.

Language is one of the predominant gateways for gathering information, and the Whole Language Approach is interwoven with the curriculum. This whole language approach allows children to develop their language skills in its entirety enhancing their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


Eduvate is a product by K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. Let’s Eduvate endeavors to simplify the process of studying and make it more interactive and joyful for school students. So, this curriculum is in the process of ensuring that the schools across India are equipped with the best facilities and the latest technologies. It cater to the broad canvas of schools grooming young minds.

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GRADE 9 – 12 – NCERT